Whether you’d like a new website, or upgrade your existing one…

brandmechanix specializes in the design and development of websites and the many areas of social media branding necessary to get your company seen on the web.

WebSite prices vary starting at $495 for a WordPress website setup, with extra costs such as custom graphics if needed.


This very website, for example, with all custom graphics blocks and banners, and logo development, would cost $995 to design and develop.

Once up and running, the necessary cost of a website such as this one is approx. $150 annually, for a domain (.com)  and hosting plan, and a secure SSL Certificate.

We’ll set all this up for you.

What We Do


We design logos, banner ads, headers, motion graphics, and all branding and advertisement content, for the web or print ready.

For Print

We create graphics for printed materials that can match your website's design and feel, such as brochures, business cards, flyers, etc. We work with a wonderful printing co. nearby who offer the best rates for the highest quality printing available anywhere.


We offer Promotional Photography Services to elevate your content to a customized level (rather than using images a thousand other companies use). We can shoot high res digital images @ your business location, personnel, merchandise, etc., for print or online.


We're always a phone call or email away. Website Content updates are offered bi-weekly if desired, (a minimum fee of $40 an hour will be charged for content additions, graphics changes, etc). Cost quotes will be determined on a case by case basis, on work and hours involved.


Have us create a one-page brochure site, or a larger site for your small to medium sized business. We build and implement professional, user-friendly websites that will be easy to find on the web. Wether you require a basic website with no frills, (simply, a starter web presence) or a larger site with social media pages design (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) to match your website. Each WEBSITE PACKAGE is specifically designed and developed to represent your business, products and services.


LOGO Design

One Custom LOGO

The single most important branding element. You’ll receive 3 variants, based on initial consultation input. Logo will be developed also for print as well as web optimized.



Setup of 10 Social Media platforms, including Header Graphics for various Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc. as well as Email. All matching your website’s design and feel.



PRINT READY Promo Graphics Package includes Design of Business Card, Brochure, PostCard/Flyer, Banner, Advertisement Poster, T-Shirt Graphic. All graphics ready for print.



A one-page WordPress Site

Brochure / Landing Page Website with Contact Form. This is great choice offering basic website presence.


A five-page WordPress Site

5 Page Website including…Home (Landing Page), About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact.


A multi-page WordPress Site

We build your “Shop” website so that you can effectively sell your products/services online.



The Game-Plan:


First, we make sure everything is in place regarding the website name (.com) and a Hosting Package, and set up your emails and contacts.


We gather each detail you provide, then discuss the look & content, before beginning to develop your site.


Once all has been approved by you, we’ll proceed to complete all the pages, have you review it, and then finally post it online.

We build websites with WordPress.

*Further  content such as Custom Banners, Audio Clips and Music Development, Photography, SEO Services, Specialized coding and such can be provided, however will be treated as EXTRAS.  Any changes you’d like to your site (after originally posted online) will be given priority attention. (A minimum fee of $40 an hour will be charged for content additions, graphics changes, etc).  Cost quotes will be determined on a case by case basis, on work and hours involved.



Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about WEBSITE Design and Development.

I know nothing about creating a website. How do we get started and what is the total cost?

No problem! We’re here to make it easy. Just email or call, and let us know what your needs/wants are, the design and feel of your site, what you require, etc. During this consultation we’ll tally up the cost and various services/add-ons costs from 3rd party plugins if needed, and let you know a total, before any work begins developing your site.

Can I get in and make changes or additions to my website by myself, once it's all set up?

Yes of course. If you are confident to make additions and changes to your website, you can be added as a user with admin privileges, and can maintain your website at your convenience.

Are there monthly or annual charges, aside form the rates posted?

Depending on the website you require, be it a vanity or e-commerce website, add-ons and plugins may be required at an extra cost.  Besides Domain and Hosting costs, basic website management should require essentials such as as an SSL Certificate (security), SEO Services (search engine optimization), as well as others. This will be discussed during consultation, before any work begins developing your site.

I want to have a website that showcases my non-profit and accepts donations. Is this possible?

Yes there are many WP (WordPress) themes that provide donation or charity options. Third party e-commerce plugins and add-ons can be implemented to add security and privacy, however may be at a monthly or annual cost.

Can I sell products or my services, as well as logins for members on my website?

Yes, these are included within an “e-commerce” website, with ability to offer products/services/digital downloads, etc.  A 3rd party add-on will be necessary, however will be at a monthly or annual cost.

It's important that I have a blog website that I can update daily, as well as my Instagram posts featured. Can you do this?

Yes there are many free WordPress themes available that feature or include a blog page. You will have admin privileges to update your blog at any time. An Instagram plugin is available that will showcase on your website your recent Instagram posts.

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